Jeanne Reisinger

Jeanne Reisinger

Ex Procter & Gamble SC Director/Global Value Chain Consultant

P&G /Zinata Inc.


Jeanne worked for 32 years as a Supply Chain Leader at Procter & Gamble.  She turned supply chains from non-strategic “costs to be managed” into valuable assets that drove competitive advantage.  Her scope extended from strategic network design to operational excellence across the entire value chain.  Jeanne’s footprint covered all P&G product lines and ranged from North America to Asia to Global.  Her experience covered the entire supply chain – from the demand signal on the P&G Walmart Customer Team to internal Integrated Business Planning and Physical Distribution processes to Strategic Supplier Relationships.  She consistently delivered breakthrough change that improved service, reduced cost and cash and accelerated speed to market by leveraging the skills of her organization.

Today Jeanne works with Zinata Inc. as a Global Value Chain Consultant to companies around the globe looking to transform their value chains.  She drives change by connecting the dots, bridging silos, and building capability.

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