Registration and refreshments


Chair’s welcome address

Dave Malenfant
Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories



Panel discussion: Working together to exceed customer expectations

  • Demonstrating the impact of business collaboration in a value chain makes towards customer satisfaction and the bottom line
  • Working with all partners in the supply chain to increase visibility and track assets in real-time
  • Improving performance without disrupting the successful delivery of your business partners’ needs
  • Offering best practices to build and maintaining end-to-end supply chain communication

George Kontoravdis

Jay Fowsar
Director of Logistics
United Airlines

Rodney Gamble
Director of Transportation Systems
KeHE Distributors

Sponsored by: Fortigo



Making supply chain an impact player in the boardroom

  • Discussing SCM’s evolving role in corporate culture and what supply chain professionals need to do to reinforce these trends
  • Articulating supply chain issues to C-level executives during project planning and implementation
  • Obtaining the resources your team needs to secure your organization’s SC objectives
  • Encouraging and developing the next generation of SCM talent

David Parsley
SVP Supply Chain Management
Brinker International



Interactive workshop: Supply chain maturity from procurement to strategic leadership

  • Understanding the HGS Food Service Supply Chain Maturity Model
  • Identifying the evolutionary levels of supply chain capability
  • Providing a roadmap that can be used to plan transition from a procurement agent to one of strategic leadership
  • Sharing key findings from this food service case study and learn how they translate to other industries

Scott Saunders
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Integration
HAVI Global Solutions

Sponsored by: HAVI Global Solutions


Networking and refreshments



Interactive workshop: Addressing the challenge of optimizing labor – Driving workforce productivity to deliver bottom line results

  • Understanding the most important labor KPIs and best practices to drive performance
  • Augmenting labor with effective tools to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Transforming workflows to reduce the impact and cost of labor and drive top/bottom line performance

Tim Eusterman
Director, Industry Marketing



Automate the Conventional - Leveraging Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems to improve conventional material handling processes

  • Understanding the benefits, capabilities, and limitations of AGV systems
  • Where does an AGV system make sense?
  • Justifying the purchase
  • Warehouse and manufacturing success stories

David Fitzpatrick
Market Development Director

Sponsored by: DEMATIC



Closing keynote: The supply chain executive of the future

  • Understanding the evolving nature of supply chain management as a profession
  • Examining how companies are reorganizing to leverage maturing supply chain management disciplines
  • Discussing what today's senior supply chain executives need to understand about the next generation making their way through school and into entry level positions
  • Comparing and contrasting different approaches to the attraction, development, and retention of supply chain professionals
  • Asking the question, “Where do we go from here?”

Dr. Morgan Swink
Professor, Eunice and James L. West Endowed Chair of Supply Chain Management
Texas Christian University's Neeley School of Business


Chair’s closing remarks

Dave Malenfant
Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories



Registration and breakfast


Chair’s welcome address

Dave Malenfant
Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories



The future is here: Top digital trends shaping our world

This presentation will explore major trends across the technology and digital landscape and highlight the ways in which these trends influence how we communicate our messages across the complex world of customer engagement.  Best practices will be shared for making content and solutions more discoverable, shareable and mobile.  It will end with a brief discussion on what it means to Google to go 10x in the realm of innovation. 

Desmonique Bonet, PhD
Head of Industry, B2B



Case study: Dealer Tire's experience expanding from B2B into the B2C market

  • Why does a successful B2B company venture into B2C? A brief understanding of Dealer Tire’s business model and the reasons for the expansion into B2C
  • Identifying where B2B and B2C SCM processes overlap and where they require customized solutions
  • Creating and running a small-scale pilot program from concept to completion including associate communication and involvement
  • Maintaining current B2B customer satisfaction and deliverability performance throughout the transformation – The important metrics

Jill Marcotte
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Dealer Tire


Panel discussion: Working with 3PLs in the United States

  • Discussing how fuel surcharges work and debating the pros and cons of a flat rate
  • Understanding the workforce, regulatory, and capacity challenges facing long and short haul freight carriers
  • Exploring opportunities to reduce costs and environmental impacts through natural gas usage
  • Working with 3PLs to build a proactive SC culture


Daniel Vasseur
Supply Chain Manager
The Kroger Co.

Diogo Lobo
Former Head of International Logistics

Julian Duerschmidt
Vice President
DB Schenker

Robert Bassett
Former Vice President, Distribution and Logistics
Charming Charlie


Thought Leadership: Big freight savings through price transparency with suppliers and a robust freight program

  • Identifying the small-scale changes that lead to large institutional gains with education and behavior modifications
  • Creating a system of relevant metrics and properly identified KPIs to gather actionable data to inform decision-making
  • Analyzing your spend to bring greater visibility to your supply chain from end to end
  • Aligning the needs of the patient, the buyer and the supplier to create value
  • Illustrating successful programs in action with examples from Mayo Clinic’s experience with freight costs

Matthew Wood
Manager, Logistics Program – Supply Chain Management
Mayo Clinic


Pre-arranged one-to-one business meetings and refreshments



Case study: Flowserve's continuous efforts to organize and optimize their logistics value proposition within its supply chain model

  • Studying the current and future state of logistics functions and operations within a totally functioning but decentralized system
  • Prioritizing where changes needed to be made and creating realistic timelines for the rollout
  • Establishing clear lines of communication between shipping locations and carriers
  • Maintaining high performance and compliance during the transition period
  • Highlighting examples of positive change over time and discussing how this journey continues

Rob Lewin
Director Global Logistics
Flowserve Corporation


Update on the Panama Canal expansion project

  • Reviewing the progress to date of the Panama Canal expansion project:
    • What is the schedule for completion?
    • How does this line up with U.S. infrastructure improvement timelines?
  • Forecasting the supply chain implications of a more commodious Panama Canal
  • Discussing next steps and how supply chain executives should prepare for a review of all their current transportation and logistics policies

Marianela Dengo-de Obaldía
Manager, Customer Relations Unit
Panama Canal Authority (ACP)


Case study: Applying lean strategies to the supply chain - Kroger’s journey to improve the bottom line without disrupting performance

  • Identifying what can and cannot be made more efficient in a high-performance supply chain
  • Working with your team to manage change without overwhelming the system 
  • Illustrating some of the ways just-in-time delivery on items like produce can be improved
  • Highlighting examples where small successes have produced large-scale reforms
  • Talking about the next step: How does thinking lean evolve into a culture of continuous improvement?

Daniel Vasseur
Supply Chain Manager
The Kroger Co.



Case study:  Putting the customer front and center - How Avnet drives profitable customer fulfillment strategies

  • The new normal of customer expectations across industries is the “now” – Information that customers want on demand with a high level of confidence in the commits from their suppliers
  • Hear how the multi-billion dollar electronics distribution industry is transforming to respond to rising customer expectations driving new S&OP strategies
  • Driving a customer centric-strategy to create a differentiated and profitable model for customer fulfillment and offer new service options
  • Reducing time spent on the “hunt” and speeding the time to resolution by flagging exceptions
  • Defining new strategies your company can put in place to create a new model to “commit with confidence” to your customers

Christian Schulz
Vice President, Solution Adoption
E2open, Inc.

Chuck Fries
Vice President, Material Operations

Sponsored by: E2open, Inc.


Interactive workshop: Big Data or Bust: Big Less-than-truckload (LTL) Savings using the Big Data method

  • What is Big Data and where is it being used?
  • Does Big Data apply to Supply Chain & Transportation or are we fooling ourselves?
  • Learning how Big Data can uncover big savings in Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight
  • Conquering Big Data by making it actionable


Shannon Vaillancourt

Sponsored by: RATELINX


Interactive workshop: Demand-driven performance for inventory and operations management

  • Seeking the causes of inaccurate forecasting
  • Benchmarking your organization’s forecasting accuracy against business partners up and down the value chain
  • Understanding the forces at play upon delivery time tables
  • Mitigating these considerations to drive inventory and operations efficiency

Bill Harrison
Demand Solutions



Networking lunch



Supply chain’s role in optimizing the footprint of worldwide operations



  • Comparing the decision-making process of young companies versus established international conglomerates when it comes to new markets and global footprint optimization
  • How do supply chain executives balance the workload between new and existing operations?
  • Developing new expertise about regions quickly and efficiently: How do you learn the lay of the land?

Amy Rumford
Chief of Staff, Global Supply Chain

Dave Malenfant
Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories

Robert Bassett
Former Vice President, Distribution and Logistics
Charming Charlie

Srini Vasan
President & Chief Technology Officer
eShipGlobal Inc



Interactive workshop: Building your supply chain around quality control and regulatory requirements


  • Ensuring your organization effectively complies with regulatory requirements
  • Mitigating risk to maintain product integrity and quality control
  • Leveraging an extensive global network to expedite time to market
  • Illustrating these strategies in action using real-world examples

Naeem Mady
VP Regulatory Services

Sponsored by: INTERTEK


Interactive workshop: Closing the loop on transportation spend management with optimized sourcing, compliance and performance management

  • Evaluating and executing sourcing requirements across your organization’s transportation network
  • Monitoring transportation execution performance
  • Gaining visibility into compliance with transportation strategy
  • Re-optimizing transportation plans with continuous feedback loop
  • What does the next step look like?

Greg Holt
VP of Product Marketing, Sourcing
SciQuest, Inc.

Sponsored by: SciQuest, Inc.


Interactive workshop: New methods for increasing supply chain visibility and risk management

  • Illustrating intuitive tools for improved visibility along the supply chain
  • Demonstrating the role technology plays in updating supply chain performance in real-time
  • Utilizing risk management technology to detect the weak links in the supply chain
  • Learning new methods to increase efficiency in site selection and network design


Wolfgang Hall
Global Industry Manager, SCM and Logistics

Sponsored by: ESRI


Pre-arranged one-to-one business meetings and refreshments

Sponsored by: Data2Logistics, LLC



Speed as the innovator in the supply chain

  • Understanding how the new dynamic of direct customer communication with suppliers is changing the time frames for business processes
  • Transforming metrics gathered in real-time into informed decision-making at the right time
  • Empowering supply chain executives to drive positive outcomes through improved visibility and communication
  • Offering examples from the practitioner’s perspective of accelerating delivery on the fundamentals

C.J. Wehlage
Vice President, High-Tech Solutions

Sponsored by: KINAXIS



“So there I was…” Nightmares and glory days from a supply chain troubleshooter

Using entertaining stories of the improbable but true, this keynote presentation will celebrate the modern supply chain executive as a wearer of many hats: The architect of complicated wonders; the foreman who oversees construction; the mechanic who gets dirty to keep things running; the firefighter on constant call to keep things from burning to the ground.

Punctuated with anecdotes and off the cuff opinions, this session will ask the Who-What-Where-When-Why-and-How of the supply chain troubleshooter extraordinaire:

Who do I want to talk to when I’m looking for my next great idea?”
What do I do when my company asks me to work my magic?”
Where do I get the nerve to call myself an expert on any given topic in a crisis?”
When is time worth more than money, and how do I convince my boss that now is that time?”
Why do the complicated things always sound so simple in the beginning?”
How do I make this look so easy?”

With a few stories that will likely strike a chord with every supply chain executive’s own experience, this final session of the day will be the perfect summary of the day’s case studies and get the conversation started for the drinks reception to follow.

Mark Pierson
Corporate Sourcing Executive - Logistics


Chair's closing remarks

Dave Malenfant
Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories


Networking drinks reception




Networking and breakfast


Chair’s opening remarks and review of day one

Dave Malenfant
Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories



“Made in America” as the engine for high performance supply chains and satisfied customers

  • Reviewing the market forces driving global footprint optimization decision-making
  • Asking the question, “What do my customers need, and how can I make that work?”
  • Identifying and comparing the total cost of ownership in national and international operations
  • Aligning manufacturing operations, supply chain strategies, and business-to-business communication practices to improve planning horizons, quality control, response times, versatility, and reliability
  • Discussing what the next ten years look like as companies find a balance between offshoring, onshoring, reshoring, and rightshoring

Ron Tarter
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Operations



Interactive workshop: 1:1 Retailing and the future of the in-store experience

Essential to a successful omnichannel strategy, brick-and-mortar stores are on the cusp of transformation. Consumer behavior has radically changed over the last two decades: The internet, new technologies, globalization, and a saturated marketplace are all driving expectations to seek the best price and the best quality delivered at the very moment of purchase.

Using profiles and case studies from some of the largest retail companies in the world, this presentation will discuss:

  • What does the future hold for brick-and-mortar stores in our hyperconnected world?
  • How can retailers create a seamless, customized in-store experience?
  • What are the supply chain implications of 1:1 Retailing?


Madison Riley
Managing Director, North America
Kurt Salmon

Sponsored by: KURT SALMON



Case study: How Diageo is leveraging its supply chain to unlock business growth

  • Thinking long term about our company’s future. What do we want to be able to do? How do we get there?
  • Taking an inventory of current supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, processes, and deliverables
  • Implementation a ‘Differentiated Supply Chain’ approach - dividing product lines and brands based on their supply chain and production requirements
  • Building the business plan to optimize current operations and create business value over time
  • Highlighting projects to date and discussing the next steps

Rob Moore
SVP Supply Chain North America


Update: The Federal Government’s ongoing efforts to enhance the security of the maritime supply chain

  • Offering an update on recent and ongoing federal projects to implement maritime security improvements 
  • Assessing new and emerging technologies that secure, monitor, and track maritime cargo containers
  • Discussing required enhancements communication infrastructure to support a risk-based approach to maritime supply chain security
  • Reviewing the status of efforts to scan 100% of U.S.-bound cargo containers

Christopher Conrad
Assistant Director, Maritime Security Issues
U.S. Government Accountability Office

Paul Hobart
Senior Policy Analyst, Homeland Security and Justice Team
U.S. Government Accountability Office


Networking and refreshments



Interactive workshop: Develop and manage an effective transportation request for proposal (RFQ) optimizing savings without impacting service

  • Using data and facts to know your business
  • Understanding your requirements
  • Know the market: Timing can be everything
  • Relationships, relationships: Creating win-win scenarios by understanding what is important to your suppliers

Harold B. Friedman
Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Development

Sponsored by: Data2Logistics, LLC


Interactive workshop: Need more truck capacity? Progressive truckload capacity solutions

  • Creative solutions of blending asset and non-asset truckload capacity to add flexibility to your capacity needs
  • Dedicated trucks may not be as costly as you think. Roehl has found a way to make it more user friendly
  • Collaboration and sharing resources…..The key is working together
  • The driver shortage is not going to get any better soon, so help us be creative and wiser in meeting your needs
  • Building long term relationships to everyone’s benefit

Mark Coleman
Vice President of Sales
Roehl Transport Inc.

Steve Elliott
Vice President
Roehl Logistics

Sponsored by: Roehl Transport Inc.



Case Study: Levi Strauss’s supply chain innovations for the Back to School 2013 campaign

  • Understanding why the fashion industry traditionally needs long lead times. What would be required to change that dynamic?
  • Working from both ends of the supply chain to improve deliverability and respond to real-time market intelligence:
    • Improving visibility and communication with retail buyers to shorten planning horizons
    • Seeking new processes and capabilities from factories and along the transportation and distribution network to improve response times
    • Encouraging operational collaboration from the top down and the bottom up
  • Sharing some of the lessons learned from one of the best Back to School Campaigns in recent memory, and discussing how Levi Strauss will continue to build upon these innovations

Patricia Hayman
Director of Supply Planning
Levi Strauss

Vijay Khare
Senior Director Logistics Planning
Levi Strauss


Getting what you want when you want it: SCM’s part in replenishment planning

  • Examining the complexities of retail forecasting and wholesale planning
  • Contingency planning for disruptions in supply chain, transportation and emerging markets
  • Improving production capacity
  • Managing multiple channels to ensure stock is there and ready for customers

Michael Richardson
Vice President, Wholesale Planning
Perry Ellis


Themed lunch

Benefit from some additional networking and ask your questions about specific topics at themed lunches hosted by our commercial partners. Places are limited so sign up in the registration area during Day One and the morning of Day Two. 

Host companies include: 

  • Free Trade Agreements – The straight scoop: Which ones are being leveraged most? How to take advantage of them? How much savings do they really drive? - Amber Road
  • Time to Modernize Your B2B Enterprise – Legacy Software and Systems Can’t Meet New Business Challenges - Axway
  • 3PL innovation, what does it look like? - DB Schenker
  • Racking and revenue: Choosing the best storage system for you - Elite Storage Solutions, LLC
  • Impact of social media in supply chain execution - Fortigo
  • Addressing the challenge of optimizing labor – Driving workforce productivity to deliver bottom line results - Intermec
  • “How can you assure your workforce is qualified?” -  Perspectives from the first certified work ready community in the United States - Joplin Regional Partnership
  • Where is the innovation for demand driven supply chains? - Kinaxis
  • Need more drivers? --- Let’s collaborate to retain them - Roehl Transport Inc.
  • There's at least 20% hiding in your budget - Transportation Impact, LLC



What finishing more than 100 marathons on all seven continents has taught me about success

This motivational speaker is an international athlete and certified running coach who helps organize the Dallas Marathon. With a background in supply chain management, he has over 25 years of experience as an international IT executive responsible for managing warehouse, procurement, RFID, inventory, supplier management, logistics, shipping, transportation, supply chain, and analytical applications.

He will talk about risk management, leadership skills, and teambuilding using lessons learned from his globetrotting adventures running races in Antarctica, Kenya, and around the world.

Anthony Reed



Supply chain strategies that make customer satisfaction the top priority

  • Connecting the dots to understand what your customer wants from you
  • Using customer-defined world class customer service to meet and exceed expectations
  • Breaking down functional silos and increasing employee engagement to make everyone a contributor to continual improvement of the value chain
  • Scaling up supply chain performance even in the face of shorter lead times and rising demand
  • Demonstrating these tactics with real world examples drawn from Ingersoll Rand’s Trane and Thermo King brands

Greg Emmel
Vice President, Global Integrated Supply Chain Fulfillment
Ingersoll Rand


Chair’s concluding remarks and close of summit

Dave Malenfant
Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Alcon Laboratories