Hot Topics

Supply chain in a rapidly changing world:

  • Capitalizing on new market opportunities
  • Analyzing impact of shift in labor costs on supply chain in North America

Volatility in commodity prices and its impact on the supply chain:

  • Current trends for key commodities: oil, steel and plastic
  • Impact of growing middle classes in China and India on commodity prices
  • Neutralizing the risk of price change through innovative hedging strategies

Supply chain innovation:

  • Reinvent production & distribution in order to reach consumers in emerging markets
  • How are emerging markets contributing to innovation in the supply chain?
  • Developing joint collaboration innovation with suppliers

Supply chain sustainability:

  • Developing criteria for sustainably sourcing
  • Identifying green initiatives that can improve productivity of your suppliers
  • Ensuring successful transition to sustainable raw materials

Demand driven supply chain:

  • Ensuring smooth transition from Push to Pull model
  • Using Lean to convert from Make to Stock to Made to Order
  • Strong fundamentals of MTO supply chains

Complexity in the global supply chain:

  • Managing growing customer and supplier base
  • Balancing standardization vs. customization
  • Shortening your supply chain in order to improve accuracy of forecasting