About the Summit...

The End-to-End Supply Network Summit 2017 (19-20 October, Turnberry Isle Miami), is the only event in the United States that is focusing on creating a roadmap for shippers that will help them design and implement an end-to-end supply chain and gain a competitive advantage from areas of potential disruption.

The ability to optimally integrate all areas of the supply chain is key to meeting customer and shareholder needs. A strategy that encompasses all, allows decision-makers the visibility to see concerns early on and respond promptly. This builds a leaner, more versatile and faster process while also increasing profit.

Key areas of focus:

  • End-to-end supply chain management
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Inventory management
  • S&OP vs. IBP- what is the right way?
  • Supply chain risk
  • Distribution and manufacturing networks
  • Network design
  • Distribution centre and warehouse operations
  • Transport operations
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Retail excellence

If you want to create a more competitive end-to-end supply chain, join us at the End-to-End Supply Network Summit 2017, to network within an intimate setting with over 150 senior supply chain professionals for two days of leading content from 30+ speakers that are positioned at the forefront of the industry.

The summit will incorporate networking events, workshop sessions, breakfast briefings, lunches, and product showcases all with very limited sponsorship opportunities.

What sort of interaction to expect for 2017?

  • Interactive Formats: Enabling the supply chain experts to confront, compare and contrast their opinions in several debates and panel discussions between key players bringing topics to life
  • Constructive Approach: Shifting the focus away from discussion of what has previously happened, and move towards adopting a more strategic and structural perspective of the supply chain
  • Advocacy: Highlighting the crucial role of the supply chain, plus its executives, in the evolution of the market and individual businesses
  • Concrete & Hands On: Take real life concepts and ideas back with you to the office, ready to implement
  • Bold: Asking the direct and important questions, getting to the core of the matter